A limited number of scholarships are available. It can be half, full or work scholarship. Students who avail scholarship in any form is to excel in their studies and conduct or else their scholarship may be withdrawn. Moreover, if they get any financial assistance that improves their financial status from the time of admission, the college will ask them to pay the fee proportionately.

The deserving Undergraduate/Graduate students may apply for scholarship in the prescribed form. There is no scholarship for Master Level students. The College spends around Rs. 2,500/- (Two Thousand Five Hundred Rupees) every month for a student. But the College is charging only Rs. 1,000/- (One Thousand only). Thus each student is already availing partial scholarship because of the subsidized rate.

Students who are not provided scholarship must pay their fee on time. The students whose application for scholarship if approved, they have to sign a bond with the Administration that they would work with Agape Royal Ministries if required so, for 5-7 years depending on the scholarship they received. The breach of this bond will require payment of full fee to the college.

Students are liable to reimburse the entire amount the college spent on them if they discontinue or the college dismisses or expels them for indiscipline or violation of the rules. Their certificates surrendered at the office will not be released until all dues are paid.